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theater click to hear : theater

Establishment built to present plays, shows, dance performances, concerts and so forth.
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trap batten catwalk borders flies stage-house orchestra pit iron curtain backdrop upstage below-stage stage stage curtain proscenium wings bar dressing room spotlights foyers house acoustic ceiling stairs control room

trap click to hear : trap

Lift-up door through which an artist enters or exits the stage from below.

batten click to hear : batten

Mobile light fixture attached to the flies.

catwalk click to hear : catwalk

Platform for walking from one side of the stage-house to the other; it is used to install and move equipment.

borders click to hear : borders

Horizontal strips of fabric lowered to hide the parts of the flies that are visible from the house.

flies click to hear : flies

The upper part of the stage-house, equipped to hang and handle sets and lighting fixtures.

stage-house click to hear : stage-house

Architectural space that contains the sets and in which the artists perform.

orchestra pit click to hear : orchestra pit

Area where musicians are seated to accompany the actors onstage.

iron curtain click to hear : iron curtain

Metal curtain that can be lowered to separate the stage from the house in case of fire.

backdrop click to hear : backdrop

Retractable vertical cloth forming the background of the stage.

upstage click to hear : upstage

Area at the back of the stage whose set is often made to suggest distant places.

below-stage click to hear : below-stage

Area located beneath the stage.

stage click to hear : stage

The area seen from the house where the artists perform.

stage curtain click to hear : stage curtain

Piece of fabric separating the stage from the house.

proscenium click to hear : proscenium

Area located in front of the stage curtain.

wings click to hear : wings

Area hidden from the audience; it is located on each side and behind the stage and sets.

bar click to hear : bar

Area where alcoholic drinks are sold.

dressing room click to hear : dressing room

Room that the artists use to change costumes, apply makeup and style their hair.

spotlights click to hear : spotlights

Lighting device that projects a concentrated beam of high-intensity light.

foyers click to hear : foyers

Space used by the audience before the performance and at the intermission.

house click to hear : house

Part of the theater built for seating the public during a performance.

acoustic ceiling click to hear : acoustic ceiling

Ceiling made of materials that help to project the sound into the house.

stairs click to hear : stairs

Structural component enabling movement between floors of a house or other structure.

control room click to hear : control room

Room equipped to control sound, lighting and projection.