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movie set click to hear : movie set

Sets, materials and personnel needed to shoot a movie or a television program.
movie set image
achat d'image achat d'image

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camera first assistant camera operator camera operator grip dolly tracks dolly clapper/the slate time code

camera click to hear : camera

Film shooting device that records movement so it can be reproduced by projection.

first assistant camera operator click to hear : first assistant camera operator

Person responsible for camera operation and maintenance, and for bringing the image into focus.

camera operator click to hear : camera operator

Person responsible for operating the camera, defining the shooting frame and recording the images.

grip click to hear : grip

Person in charge of transporting, installing and handling film equipment, especially moving the dolly along its tracks.

dolly tracks click to hear : dolly tracks

Rails that guide the dolly when the camera is moving to follow the action.

dolly click to hear : dolly

Small vehicle on rails that carries the camera, the camera operator and the assistant.

clapper/the slate click to hear : clapper/the slate

Panel consisting of two small boards that are clapped together to signal the start of shooting.

time code click to hear : time code

Device that indicates the hour, minute, second and number of the frame; it is used to mark the sequence for editing purposes.