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leather goods click to hear : leather goods

Personal articles made of leather or fake leather.
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card case slot window tab windows bill compartment

card case click to hear : card case

Article used to hold, organize and protect identity papers and other cards while making them easily visible.

slot click to hear : slot

Narrow elongated opening into which a card is inserted with a part of it projecting so it can be easily recognized.

window click to hear : window

Part of a window into which documents such as identity papers and cards are inserted to protect them and make their front sides visible.

tab click to hear : tab

Small piece with a fastening system that extends a flap or goes over an article’s opening to fasten it.

windows click to hear : windows

Mobile compartment inside a card case that is usually divided into several sections.

bill compartment click to hear : bill compartment

Flat compartment between the back and the inside of a wallet or a card case where banknotes are kept.