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leather goods click to hear : leather goods

Personal articles made of leather or fake leather.
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checkbook/secretary clutch hidden pocket calculator trimming checkbook pen holder card case

checkbook/secretary clutch click to hear : checkbook/secretary clutch

Article with compartments of various sizes that is intended to hold identity papers, cards, banknotes, change, a pen and a checkbook.

hidden pocket click to hear : hidden pocket

Pocket with a hidden opening.

calculator click to hear : calculator

Small self-powered electronic instrument used to automatically make numerical calculations.

trimming click to hear : trimming

Metal piece used to reinforce the edge or the corner of certain articles.

checkbook click to hear : checkbook

Notebook containing blank checks.

pen holder click to hear : pen holder

Tubular piece of leather or fabric used to hold pens.

card case click to hear : card case

Set of adjacent pockets for inserting various cards.