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converging lenses click to hear : converging lenses

Thicker in the center than on the edges; they cause parallel light rays emanating from an object to converge onto the same point.
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plano-convex lens positive meniscus biconvex lens convex lens

plano-convex lens click to hear : plano-convex lens

Lens with one flat side and one convex side (bulging outward).

positive meniscus click to hear : positive meniscus

Lens where the concave side (curving inward) is less pronounced than the convex side (bulging outward).

biconvex lens click to hear : biconvex lens

Lens with both faces bulging outward.

convex lens click to hear : convex lens

Lens with one side bulging outward; the greater the bulge, the more the light rays converge.