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synagogue click to hear : synagogue

Place of worship in the Jewish religion.
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rabbi’s seat pulpit balcony memorial board bimah menorah eternal light Torah scrolls ark Ten Commandments Star of David

rabbi’s seat click to hear : rabbi’s seat

Armchair used by the community’s religious leader who leads the service.

pulpit click to hear : pulpit

Raised platform on which the Torah scrolls are placed for public reading.

balcony click to hear : balcony

Area traditionally reserved for women; among Reform Jews, men and women sit together.

memorial board click to hear : memorial board

Plaque used to commemorate the deceased of the community.

bimah click to hear : bimah

Platform from which a rabbi conducts services.

menorah click to hear : menorah

Seven-branched candle that is an important object in Jewish rites.

eternal light click to hear : eternal light

Suspended lamp that is lit at all times; it is in memory of God’s eternal presence and the eternal flame of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Torah scrolls click to hear : Torah scrolls

Rolls of parchment on which the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew bible) is written in hand.

ark click to hear : ark

Cabinet used to store the scrolls of the Torah.

Ten Commandments click to hear : Ten Commandments

The precepts transmitted by God to Moses; they form the basis of the Jewish faith.

Star of David click to hear : Star of David

Emblem of Judaism that is made up of two overlapping triangles forming a six-pointed star; it was the seal of King Solomon, son of David.