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structure of a missile click to hear : structure of a missile

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actuator infrared homing head rudder fin rocket motor proximity fuse fixed winglet gyroscope warhead pilot battery

actuator click to hear : actuator

Device that controls the rudders.

infrared homing head click to hear : infrared homing head

Instrument that homes in on the heat emitted by the target and automatically guides the missile toward it.

rudder click to hear : rudder

Automated device that guides the missile during flight.

fin click to hear : fin

Ailerons that stabilize the missile during flight.

rocket motor click to hear : rocket motor

Engine that provides the thrust to propel the missile.

proximity fuse click to hear : proximity fuse

Fuse that causes the warhead to explode when required.

fixed winglet click to hear : fixed winglet

Ailerons that improve stability during flight.

gyroscope click to hear : gyroscope

Device whose axis of rotation is constant so that it can guide the weapon.

warhead click to hear : warhead

Explosive contained in the missile that is usually made up of gunpowder.

pilot click to hear : pilot

Component that guides the missile without human intervention.

battery click to hear : battery

Device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.