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starting block click to hear : starting block

Metal elevated structure from which the swimmer dives into the pool to start a race.
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starting grip (backstroke) swimsuit cap swimming goggles platform

starting grip (backstroke) click to hear : starting grip (backstroke)

Handle used at the start of the backstroke event; the swimmer places the hands on the handles and the feet against the wall to provide momentum.

swimsuit click to hear : swimsuit

Almost always stretchy, skintight clothing that is worn for swimming; the materials used are designed to provide optimum hydrodynamics.

cap click to hear : cap

Headgear that reduces water resistance, keeps the swimmer’s hair in place and protects it against the effects of chlorine.

swimming goggles click to hear : swimming goggles

Goggles that protect the eyes from irritating substances and provide good visibility in the water.

platform click to hear : platform

Rigid board with a nonskid surface that is attached to the top of the starting block; the swimmer takes position and, at the starter’s signal, dives into the pool.