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swimming pool click to hear : swimming pool

Pool in which a water polo game takes place; a game has four periods of seven minutes each divided by breaks of two minutes each.
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excluded players re-entry area 7 m line coach secretaries timekeepers goal judge goal line 2 m line 4 m line half-distance line referee team bench goalkeeper

excluded players re-entry area click to hear : excluded players re-entry area

Space where players who commit an exclusion foul serve a 20-second penalty.

7 m line click to hear : 7 m line

coach click to hear : coach

The team’s leader; the coach plots strategy and decides who plays in different situations.

secretaries click to hear : secretaries

Officials who write up the game’s report (such as goals scored, fouls and exclusions) and signal the return of temporarily excluded players.

timekeepers click to hear : timekeepers

Officials in charge of the game’s time, exclusions, continuous possession of the ball (maximum 35 seconds before taking a shot) and so on.

goal judge click to hear : goal judge

Official whose main function is to decide on the validity of goals and to report balls gone behind the goal line (corners).

goal line click to hear : goal line

Line that the ball must pass to score a goal; the players line up along it before a period begins.

2 m line click to hear : 2 m line

4 m line click to hear : 4 m line

half-distance line click to hear : half-distance line

Mark dividing the pool into two zones, one per team; the teams change zones after two periods of play.

referee click to hear : referee

Official who is in charge of enforcing the rules; this individual supervises the game and signals violations by blowing a whistle.

team bench click to hear : team bench

Space where substitute players and team officials sit; a team has 13 players but only seven are in the water at the same time.

goalkeeper click to hear : goalkeeper

Player whose role is to prevent the ball from entering the goal; the goalkeeper wears a red cap.