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court click to hear : court

Hard rectangular surface (20 m x 40 m) on which a handball game is played; a game is made up of two 30-minute periods with a 10-minute break between them.
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scorekeeper court referee sideline goal line referee players’ bench goal line goal area line free throw line penalty mark secretary timekeeper goal net goal area center line

scorekeeper click to hear : scorekeeper

Official in charge of timing the game and suspensions and substitute player changes.

court referee click to hear : court referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; positioned in the center of the court, this individual mainly signals player infractions.

sideline click to hear : sideline

Line along the sides of the court; when the ball crosses this line, it is put back into play at the same place.

goal line referee click to hear : goal line referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; positioned near the goal line, this individual signals infractions and decides if a goal counts.

players’ bench click to hear : players’ bench

Area for substitute players and coaches; a team can have up to 12 players, seven of whom are on the court at one time.

goal line click to hear : goal line

Line at the ends of the court that demarcates the play area; a goal is scored when the ball crosses this line.

goal area line click to hear : goal area line

Arc drawn 6 m from the goal; it demarcates the goal area.

free throw line click to hear : free throw line

Arc drawn 9 m from the goal; during a 7 m free throw, all players except the shooter must be outside the zone demarcated by this line.

penalty mark click to hear : penalty mark

Line parallel to the goal line and 7 m from it; a 7 m free throw (a shot awarded after a penalty) is taken from behind this line.

secretary click to hear : secretary

Official who keeps the lineup card and marks the scorecard (goals allowed, expulsions, etc.).

timekeeper click to hear : timekeeper

Official in charge of timekeeping.

goal click to hear : goal

Cage made up of a net mounted on a frame; a team scores a point each time it succeeds in placing the ball in the opposing goal.

net click to hear : net

Loosely stitched netting attached to the back of the post; it keeps the ball inside the goal.

goal area click to hear : goal area

Semicircular zone reserved for the goalkeeper; a player with ball possession may jump above this area when taking a shot.

center line click to hear : center line

Line dividing the court into two zones, one for each team; throw-offs are held on this line at the start of a period and after a goal.