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downhill bicycle and cyclist click to hear : downhill bicycle and cyclist

Downhill bicycle: small, very sturdy bicycle for racing on rough ground with steep hills and strewn with obstacles.
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hydraulic disc brake pedal with wide platform raised handlebar protective goggles chin strap

hydraulic disc brake click to hear : hydraulic disc brake

Brake with jaws that squeeze a disc to slow down the wheel; the braking power is produced by hydraulic pressure.

pedal with wide platform click to hear : pedal with wide platform

Wide pedal providing good footing.

raised handlebar click to hear : raised handlebar

Grip whose elevated position makes the bicycle easier to steer when going downhill.

protective goggles click to hear : protective goggles

One-piece watertight eyewear that protects the eyes from flying mud, stones and insects.

chin strap click to hear : chin strap

Part of the helmet that protects the cyclist’s chin.