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rings click to hear : rings

Men’s gymnastics apparatus made up of two rings that hang from cables, which are fixed to a frame; they are used especially for power elements and fast swing exercises.
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ring strap guy cable cable frame

ring click to hear : ring

Wood, plastic or steel hoop from which the gymnast hangs to perform exercises; it is 2.55 m above the floor.

strap click to hear : strap

Band that is usually made of leather; it attaches the ring to the cable.

guy cable click to hear : guy cable

Metal cable that is attached to the ground and stabilizes the tubes of an upright gymnastics apparatus.

cable click to hear : cable

Rope made of woven metal wires that connects the ring to the frame.

frame click to hear : frame

Metal frame made up of two posts and a horizontal bar from which the rings hang by means of cables.