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cartridge (rifle) click to hear : cartridge (rifle)

Piece of ammunition made up of a single projectile (bullet), an explosive charge (propellant) and a primer, all packed inside a case.
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cup bullet nose jacket propellant primer case core

cup click to hear : cup

Metal base of the case that contains the primer.

bullet click to hear : bullet

Rifle projectile; it separates from its case as it is driven in a straight line by a high-speed explosion.

nose click to hear : nose

Tip of the bullet; the nose determines how the bullet will penetrate the target upon impact.

jacket click to hear : jacket

Metal coating that protects the bullet as it moves along the barrel of the firearm.

propellant click to hear : propellant

Explosive substance used to drive the projectile.

primer click to hear : primer

Metal part filled with a chemical detonating substance that ignites the propellant.

case click to hear : case

Cylindrical cover that contains the cartridge’s explosive charge and projectile.

core click to hear : core

Central part of the bullet; it is made of lead.