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compound bow click to hear : compound bow

Bow that uses a system of cables and wheels to increase its shooting power; it requires less effort on the part of the archer when aiming.
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wheel limb bowstring cable guard grip arrow rest mounting bracket nocking point cable bare bow

wheel click to hear : wheel

Small pulley attached to the ends of the limbs; it absorbs part of the force from the shot and it increases the shot’s accuracy.

limb click to hear : limb

Flexible part that stores the potential energy as the bow is stretched.

bowstring click to hear : bowstring

Fibers secured to a bow that were stretched to fire an arrow.

cable guard click to hear : cable guard

Part that spreads the bowstring cables apart to prevent them from touching the arrow as the latter is nocked and shot.

grip click to hear : grip

Part between the two limbs that is gripped to manipulate the bow.

arrow rest click to hear : arrow rest

Part against which the arrow shaft rests as the nock in fitted into the bowstring.

mounting bracket click to hear : mounting bracket

Metal part with a threaded opening; a screw goes into it to attach the limb to the bow’s grip.

nocking point click to hear : nocking point

Mark on the bowstring where the arrow’s nock fits.

cable click to hear : cable

Assembly of steel wires that runs around the wheels to increase the bow’s power.

bare bow click to hear : bare bow

Bow made up of a piece of wood and a string that are joined without screws; it is usually very powerful but is less accurate than a compound bow.