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iron click to hear : iron

Club used to hit the ball on the fairway or green. Irons are numbered from 1 to 9, according to the length of their shafts and their range; the angle of the sole increases in inclination to create curved trajectories of varying heights.
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sole heel toe ferrule neck groove

sole click to hear : sole

Lower part of the club’s head.

heel click to hear : heel

Part of the club’s head under the neck.

toe click to hear : toe

Tip of the club’s head, opposite the heel and the shaft.

ferrule click to hear : ferrule

Ringlike part at the joint of a club’s shaft and head that holds them securely together.

neck click to hear : neck

Upper part of the club’s head into which the shaft fits.

groove click to hear : groove

Fine indented lines on the face of the club that provide maximum control of the ball.