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shooting range click to hear : shooting range

Area that faces the targets, which includes the shooting stations.
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trench shooting station shooter assistant referee chief range officer chief referee scorer

trench click to hear : trench

Ditch that is about 2 m deep where the trap machines are stationed; it is 15 m from the shooting station.

shooting station click to hear : shooting station

Area where the competitors stand to shoot at the targets.

shooter click to hear : shooter

Person who practices shotgun shooting or participates in a competition.

assistant referee click to hear : assistant referee

Official who checks whether or not the target has been hit; if it was not hit, the assistant referee reports this fact immediately.

chief range officer click to hear : chief range officer

Official who is in charge of calling the shooters to their positions; this individual also verifies the compliance of the equipment and the shooting positions.

chief referee click to hear : chief referee

Official who is in charge of all technical and logistical aspects of the competition.

scorer click to hear : scorer

Official who marks the shooters’ results on score sheets and on the scoreboard.