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badminton racket click to hear : badminton racket

The racket used to strike the shuttlecock is lighter (about 100 g) and narrower than a tennis racket; its head is about 30 cm long and its maximum length is 68 cm.
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head shaft butt handle frame stringing

head click to hear : head

Oval part of the racket, including the frame and the stringing.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Elongated part of the racket that ends in the head.

butt click to hear : butt

Enlarged end of the shaft that prevents the hand from slipping off the handle.

handle click to hear : handle

Part of the shaft that the player grips to control the racket.

frame click to hear : frame

Racket frame to which the stringing is attached.

stringing click to hear : stringing

Surface of interlaced strings of synthetic or natural fiber that is used to strike a shuttlecock.