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court click to hear : court

Rectangular surface (23.77 m x 8.23 m for singles, 23.77 m x 10.97 m for doubles) designed for playing tennis; it is divided in half by a net.
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center line judge pole doubles sideline service judge center mark ball boy alley umpire receiver linesman net judge center strap net band foot fault judge right service court net singles sideline service line baseline server left service court backcourt forecourt center service line

center line judge click to hear : center line judge

Official who signals center line service faults and informs the umpire when the server commits a fault.

pole click to hear : pole

Vertical pole that stretches the net by means of a net band, keeping it 1.07 m above the court.

doubles sideline click to hear : doubles sideline

Line that marks the sides of the playing area for doubles matches (two teams of two players).

service judge click to hear : service judge

Official who signals service line faults and informs the umpire when the server commits a fault.

center mark click to hear : center mark

Broken line marking the middle of the baseline; players use the center mark to take position for serving or receiving.

ball boy click to hear : ball boy

Person who retrieves balls from the court after each rally in a tournament.

alley click to hear : alley

Band that is 1.37 m wide on the sides of the court; the alley is used only for doubles matches.

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official responsible for applying the rules; the umpire ensures that the match runs smoothly and rules on contentious points.

receiver click to hear : receiver

Player who returns the ball put into play by the server.

linesman click to hear : linesman

One of the officials who ensure that the ball remains inside the lines of play and inform the umpire when a player commits a fault.

net judge click to hear : net judge

Official responsible for calling net serves; the net judge also regulates net height before and during a match.

center strap click to hear : center strap

Strip of fabric connected to the ground in the center of the net; it keeps the net at regulation height (0.914 m).

net band click to hear : net band

Strip of fabric with a cable passing through it; it is attached to poles to suspend the net.

foot fault judge click to hear : foot fault judge

Official responsible for signaling foot faults, which occur when the server steps on the baseline.

right service court click to hear : right service court

Zone in which the serve must bounce; it is diagonally opposite the server.

net click to hear : net

Loosely stitched divider stretched across the middle of the court; players must hit the ball over it.

singles sideline click to hear : singles sideline

Line that marks the side of the playing area for singles matches (two players).

service line click to hear : service line

Line on each side of the net and parallel to it at a distance of 6.4 m; it marks the back boundary of the service courts.

baseline click to hear : baseline

Line marking the end of the court; the server stands behind the baseline.

server click to hear : server

Player who puts the ball into play; the server and receiver must stand in diagonally opposite zones.

left service court click to hear : left service court

Zone in which the serve must bounce; it is diagonally opposite the server.

backcourt click to hear : backcourt

Zone between the service line and the baseline.

forecourt click to hear : forecourt

Zone between the net and the service line.

center service line click to hear : center service line

Line dividing each forecourt in half.