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in-line skate click to hear : in-line skate

Reinforced boot with four wheels placed in a straight line; it is used to move around on a hard, relatively smooth surface.
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in-line hockey skate in-line speed skate acrobatic skate frame wheel upper shell inner boot

in-line hockey skate click to hear : in-line hockey skate

Skate that is similar to an ice hockey skate; it is made up of a semisoft leather or nylon boot with reinforced side panels.

in-line speed skate click to hear : in-line speed skate

Skate with a light low-cut soft boot that is often molded to the foot; it has five wheels to provide greater contact with the ground.

acrobatic skate click to hear : acrobatic skate

Skate with a plastic boot that is designed to provide maximum support and protect against impact when the skater is doing tricks.

frame click to hear : frame

Device that is attached to the sole of the boot to support the wheels.

wheel click to hear : wheel

Round object that turns on an axis so the skate can move backward or forward.

upper shell click to hear : upper shell

Part of the boot that covers the lower part of the leg; it is usually hinged at the ankle.

inner boot click to hear : inner boot

Cushioned, often removable lining that is designed for greater comfort inside the boot.