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pallets click to hear : pallets

Usually wooden platform for loads; forklift and hydraulic pallet trucks can slip their forks underneath them in order to handle goods.
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box pallet pallet side half-side block

box pallet click to hear : box pallet

Pallet with three or four sides; it is used to handle bulk merchandise.

pallet click to hear : pallet

Part of the box pallet supporting the load; it supports the box pallet on the ground and provides the place where the forks enter.

side click to hear : side

Wall with or without gaps between the planks that slides back or can be removed; it keeps the goods in place and can withstand loads stacked on top.

half-side click to hear : half-side

Half wall that is sometimes detachable; it facilitates the loading and unloading of the contents of the pallet.

block click to hear : block

Supporting part underneath the deckboard that is wide enough to allow the fork arms to enter.