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structure of a flower click to hear : structure of a flower

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peduncle ovule ovary receptacle sepal petal anther filament stigma style pistil calyx stamen corolla

peduncle click to hear : peduncle

Terminal offshoot of the stem or twig; it first connects the flower, then the fruit, to the plant.

ovule click to hear : ovule

Small rounded structure produced by the ovary and containing the female cell; after fertilization, the seed develops from it.

ovary click to hear : ovary

Hollow structure containing one or more ovules; the fruit usually develops from it after fertilization.

receptacle click to hear : receptacle

Enlarged portion of the peduncle containing and supporting the other parts of the flower.

sepal click to hear : sepal

Usually green part of the flower that protects the flower’s internal structures; it may fall after flowering occurs or remain until the fruit has ripened.

petal click to hear : petal

Usually colorful and scented part of the flower that surrounds the male and female reproductive organs; it often helps attract pollinators.

anther click to hear : anther

Upper part of the male floral organ (stamen) that produces pollen grains; at maturity, it splits to release them.

filament click to hear : filament

Cylindrical axis connecting the anther to the rest of the flower.

stigma click to hear : stigma

Upper part of the female floral organ (pistil) that receives and holds pollen.

style click to hear : style

Cylindrical axis connecting the stigma to the ovary.

pistil click to hear : pistil

Each of the female floral organs at the flower’s center, consisting of an ovary, a stylus and a stigma.

calyx click to hear : calyx

Part of the flower composed of all its sepals.

stamen click to hear : stamen

Each of the male floral organs, consisting of a filament and an anther.

corolla click to hear : corolla

Part of the flower composed of all its petals.