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Flowers: there are more than 250,000 varieties of flowers, prized for their shapes, colors and great range of scents.
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crocus carnation lily of the valley lily begonia violet tulip

crocus click to hear : crocus

Small white flower that blooms with the first warm rays of spring sunshine.

carnation click to hear : carnation

Strongly scented flower of various colors; it is sometimes worn as a boutonniere on special occasions.

lily of the valley click to hear : lily of the valley

Small strongly scented bell-shaped white flower that grows in clusters.

lily click to hear : lily

Large flower of various colors, prized for its beauty; the white lily is the symbol of French royalty and the emblem of Quebec.

begonia click to hear : begonia

Decorative flower that is native to South America and prized for its vibrant colors.

violet click to hear : violet

Small flower with several ornamental varieties; it is also cultivated for perfume production and cooking.

tulip click to hear : tulip

Flower whose petals grow in the shape of a rounded vase; there are approximately 100 differently colored species.