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dry fruits click to hear : dry fruits

Fruits with usually edible seeds, surrounded by a single dry, somewhat rigid layer.
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husk section of a hazelnut stigma achene pericarp seed bract cupule section of a walnut partition green walnut shell

husk click to hear : husk

Fleshy covering, first green then changing to brown, that protects the walnut shell. The husk is used to produce a stain that makes white wood look like walnut.

section of a hazelnut click to hear : section of a hazelnut

The fruit of the hazelnut tree, the hazelnut is an achene; its pericarp is covered by a cupule.

stigma click to hear : stigma

Visible remnant of the flower’s stigma, now withered, forming a point at the fruit’s base.

achene click to hear : achene

Small dry fruit containing a single seed not fused to the pericarp; when ripe, the achene cannot split unaided to release its seed.

pericarp click to hear : pericarp

seed click to hear : seed

Structure formed by the development of a fertile ovule; it contains an embryo and nutrient reserves that enable a new plant to grow.

bract click to hear : bract

Little leaf, smaller than the plant’s other leaves, attached to the peduncle of the flower or fruit.

cupule click to hear : cupule

Thin scaly or prickly casing made of fused bracts; it partially or completely covers the hazelnut.

section of a walnut click to hear : section of a walnut

The fruit of the walnut tree is the nut, which has an edible seed; its stone, or shell, is surrounded by a fleshy husk.

partition click to hear : partition

Membranous barrier that divides the walnut kernel into sections.

green walnut click to hear : green walnut

Kernel of the walnut, divided into two main sections by the partition.

shell click to hear : shell

Hard fibrous ovoid casing that covers and protects the green walnut.