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section of a strawberry click to hear : section of a strawberry

The strawberry is a complex fruit, with achenes borne by the fleshy receptacle of the flower.
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epicalyx peduncle receptacle achene flesh calyx

epicalyx click to hear : epicalyx

All the small green leaves under the calyx.

peduncle click to hear : peduncle

Part of the fruit that once attached it to the terminal offshoot of the twig or branch.

receptacle click to hear : receptacle

Enlarged portion of the flower’s peduncle; in the strawberry, it becomes fleshy and bears the achenes.

achene click to hear : achene

Each of the small dry fruits that cover the skin of the strawberry, each one containing a seed.

flesh click to hear : flesh

Pulpy portion of the strawberry, formed as the flower’s receptacle develops.

calyx click to hear : calyx

All the flower’s sepals, which remain until the strawberry ripens.