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egg click to hear : egg

Reproductive method of certain animal species: a living cell with a casing and a food reserve, produced by the female.
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albumen chalaza yolk air space vitelline membrane shell membrane shell blastodisc

albumen click to hear : albumen

Viscous liquid substance, popularly known as white of egg, surrounding the yolk and containing water and the proteins the embryo requires.

chalaza click to hear : chalaza

Spiral filament of albumen maintaining the yolk in the center of the egg.

yolk click to hear : yolk

The embryo’s food reserve located in the center of the egg.

air space click to hear : air space

Pocket of air contained between the two layers of the shell membrane at the base of the egg; it forms once the egg has cooled after being laid.

vitelline membrane click to hear : vitelline membrane

Thin flexible transparent tissue enveloping the yolk.

shell membrane click to hear : shell membrane

Flexible porous tissue made of two superimposed layers covering the inside of the shell; it contributes to respiration and fights bacteria.

shell click to hear : shell

Hard porous calcareous casing of the egg; it provides protection, fights bacteria and helps respiration.

blastodisc click to hear : blastodisc

Evidence of fertilization of the egg on the surface of the vitelline membrane; the embryo grows from it.