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A bill’s shape is characteristic of the lifestyle of the bird species. Its main function is to allow the bird to feed, to construct its nest and to defend itself.
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aquatic bird insectivorous bird granivorous bird wading bird bird of prey

aquatic bird click to hear : aquatic bird

Bird with webbed feet for ease of swimming.

insectivorous bird click to hear : insectivorous bird

The long thin pointed bill allows the bird to catch insects in flight.

granivorous bird click to hear : granivorous bird

The short sturdy conical bill is used to hull seeds: the sharp lower mandible cracks the seed, which the tongue holds in place on the upper maxilla.

wading bird click to hear : wading bird

The long curved bill allows the bird to extract small animals and plants buried deep in the ground, in mud and in marshes.

bird of prey click to hear : bird of prey

The short sturdy hooked bill tears apart large prey.