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skeleton of a bird click to hear : skeleton of a bird

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furcula phalanges metacarpus carpus ulna radius humerus synsacrum pygostyle pubis ischium ilium femur tibiotarsus tarsometatarsus digits sternum keel rib coracoid clavicle scapula cervical vertebrae mandible maxilla orbit skull

furcula click to hear : furcula

Bone resulting from the fusion of the lower portion of the two clavicles enabling the wings to spread.

phalanges click to hear : phalanges

Portion of the wing formed of articulated bones bearing the primaries.

metacarpus click to hear : metacarpus

Portion of the wing formed of three long bones; it connects the carpus to the first phalanges of the digits.

carpus click to hear : carpus

Portion of the wing formed of two short bones; it is located between the radius, the ulna and the metacarpus.

ulna click to hear : ulna

Long sturdy bone located between the humerus and the carpus bearing the secondaries.

radius click to hear : radius

Long wing bone located between the humerus and the carpus.

humerus click to hear : humerus

Long wing bone articulating especially with the radius and the ulna and bearing the tertials.

synsacrum click to hear : synsacrum

Long bone resulting from the fusion of numerous vertebrae of the vertebral column, preceding the pygostyle.

pygostyle click to hear : pygostyle

Bone of the terminal end of the vertebral column resulting from the fusion of several vertebrae.

pubis click to hear : pubis

Ventral bone posterior to the ilium.

ischium click to hear : ischium

Bone behind the ilium; the ilium, ischium and pubis fuse together to form a single bone to which the leg is attached.

ilium click to hear : ilium

Large flat back bone fused mainly to the synsacrum.

femur click to hear : femur

Long bone articulating especially with the tibiotarsus.

tibiotarsus click to hear : tibiotarsus

Separate at the crown, the tibia and fibula fuse into a single bone to form the tibiotarsus.

tarsometatarsus click to hear : tarsometatarsus

Bone formed by the fusion of the anterior portion of the tarsus and the metatarsus; the digits articulate with it. It is also called the tarsus.

digits click to hear : digits

Each of the four terminal ends of the legs formed of different articulated bones called phalanges; most birds have four digits.

sternum click to hear : sternum

Bone located at the ventral portion of the body and bearing the keel; the ribs are attached to it.

keel click to hear : keel

Bony ridge of the ventral surface of the sternum providing a solid support for the flight muscles.

rib click to hear : rib

Thin curved bone articulating with the vertebral column and the sternum.

coracoid click to hear : coracoid

Ventral bone connecting the scapula to the sternum.

clavicle click to hear : clavicle

Long bone located in the anterior ventral portion of the body; the two clavicles fuse to form the furcula.

scapula click to hear : scapula

Large flat back bone. The juncture point of the scapula, clavicle and coracoid; the wing is attached to it.

cervical vertebrae click to hear : cervical vertebrae

Bony parts of the neck comprising the upper terminal end of the vertebral column.

mandible click to hear : mandible

Bone forming the lower portion of the bill.

maxilla click to hear : maxilla

Bone forming the upper portion of the bill.

orbit click to hear : orbit

Bony cavity of the upper lateral potion of the head containing the eye.

skull click to hear : skull

Bony structure enclosing and protecting the brain.