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There are more than 9,000 species of birds scattered around the world.
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turkey pheasant duck guinea fowl pigeon goose

turkey click to hear : turkey

Bird originating in the Americas with a bald head and neck covered with outgrowths; it is raised in captivity for its meat.

pheasant click to hear : pheasant

Bird originally from Asia and characterized by its long tail; its meat is highly prized. Certain pheasants are raised solely for hunting.

duck click to hear : duck

Web-footed aquatic bird spending most of its time on water; the domestic duck is raised for its meat and for the production of foie gras.

guinea fowl click to hear : guinea fowl

Wild terrestrial bird with a bald head and horned comb originally from Africa and domesticated in Europe for its meat.

pigeon click to hear : pigeon

Generally grain-eating bird prized for its meat and its keen sense of direction (carrier pigeon).

goose click to hear : goose

Web-footed bird of the Northern hemisphere better adapted to land than water; certain species are raised mainly for the production of foie gras.