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retracted claw click to hear : retracted claw

When a cat walks, its claws retract into a cutaneous fold (sheath) and it moves on its pads.
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distal phalanx metacarpus proximal phalanx tendon middle phalanx claw

distal phalanx click to hear : distal phalanx

Bone of the lower terminal end of the toe bearing the claw.

metacarpus click to hear : metacarpus

Portion of the forelimb formed of several long bones; it connects the carpus to the first phalange of the toe.

proximal phalanx click to hear : proximal phalanx

Bone of the upper terminal end of the toe connected to the metacarpus.

tendon click to hear : tendon

Fibrous tissue connecting the muscle to the bone; relaxing the tendon causes the claw to retract.

middle phalanx click to hear : middle phalanx

Bone of the central part of the toe between the proximal and distal phalanges.

claw click to hear : claw

Curved pointy retractable corneous structure allowing the cat to climb, catch its prey and defend itself.