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carnivorous mammals image

carnivorous mammals
Vertebrates with four limbs, covered with hair and having carnassial teeth to tear meat apart; they feed mainly on the flesh of animals.

dog breeds image

dog breeds
There are about 350 breeds of dog, classified into 10 groups according to their morphology and use.

cat breeds image

cat breeds
There are more than 30 officially recognized breeds of domestic cat, classified into three groups according to the length of their hair (short, medium-long or long).

examples of carnivorous mammals image

examples of carnivorous mammals
Carnivorous mammals (about 270 species) that have strong canines (fangs) and sharp molars (carnassials) adapted for eating flesh.

dog image

Carnivorous mammal with an excellent sense of smell; it has been domesticated since prehistoric times and trained to perform a number of tasks: guarding and protecting, detecting, carrying and hunting.

cat image

Carnivorous mammal with a supple muscular body and paws ending in retractable claws; it is a very common pet.