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cat breeds click to hear : cat breeds

There are more than 30 officially recognized breeds of domestic cat, classified into three groups according to the length of their hair (short, medium-long or long).
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Persian Maine coon American shorthair Manx Abyssinian Siamese

Persian click to hear : Persian

Highly prized cat with silky fur, calm and affectionate; there are many varieties differentiated by the color of the fur and the eyes.

Maine coon click to hear : Maine coon

Sturdy cat, calm and affectionate, with a melodious meow; very popular in the U.S. but less common in Europe.

American shorthair click to hear : American shorthair

Energetic and resilient cat that is in great demand in the U.S. and Japan.

Manx click to hear : Manx

Tailless cat with hind limbs longer than its forelimbs.

Abyssinian click to hear : Abyssinian

Svelte cat originally from Egypt or Ethiopia, docile and energetic; it has a melodious meow.

Siamese click to hear : Siamese

Slender cat originally from Thailand, playful and affectionate; it has a loud raucous meow.