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dog breeds click to hear : dog breeds

There are about 350 breeds of dog, classified into 10 groups according to their morphology and use.
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schnauzer chow chow German shepherd bulldog poodle collie

schnauzer click to hear : schnauzer

Strong energetic dog originally from Germany, used as a guard dog and also as a pet.

chow chow click to hear : chow chow

Pet originally from China, independent and reserved, it is also used as a guard dog.

German shepherd click to hear : German shepherd

The most common multipurpose dog in the world: sheep dog, guard dog, police dog (detection and search), guide dog for the blind and pet.

bulldog click to hear : bulldog

Extremely affectionate and playful pet with a muscular body; it becomes aggressive when its owner is attacked.

poodle click to hear : poodle

The most common pet in the world, usually very faithful and very fond of water; poodles are also used as circus performers.

collie click to hear : collie

Scottish sheep dog and an affectionate and highly valued pet; the long-haired variety is more common than the short-haired variety.