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cat’s head click to hear : cat’s head

Anterior portion of the body containing the main sensory organs and the brain.
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muzzle nose leather pupil eyelashes lip whiskers nictitating membrane lower eyelid upper eyelid whiskers

muzzle click to hear : muzzle

Short round front part of the head with whiskers; it has a highly developed tactile and olfactory function.

nose leather click to hear : nose leather

Terminal end of the muzzle bearing the nostrils made of strong damp tissue; it has an olfactory and respiratory function.

pupil click to hear : pupil

Central opening of the eye where light enters; it is particularly well adapted to the dark.

eyelashes click to hear : eyelashes

Hairs implanted on the free edge of the eyelid preventing dust and other particles from landing on the eye.

lip click to hear : lip

Movable muscular part forming the contour of the mouth; a cat has two upper lips lined with whiskers.

whiskers click to hear : whiskers

Extremely sensitive long stiff hairs (vibrissae) located on the muzzle having a tactile function.

nictitating membrane click to hear : nictitating membrane

Thin muscular membrane extending sideways from the inside corner of the eye to protect and moisten it.

lower eyelid click to hear : lower eyelid

Thin muscular membrane that is translucent and movable; it rises from the lower edge of the eye to protect and cleanse it.

upper eyelid click to hear : upper eyelid

Thin muscular membrane lowering from the upper edge of the eye to protect and clean it.

whiskers click to hear : whiskers

Highly sensitive long stiff hairs located above the eyes and having a tactile function.