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Marine mammals: many actively hunted species (more than 110 out of 116) are protected or are subject to hunting restrictions.
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seal sea lion porpoise dolphin

seal click to hear : seal

Short-haired amphibious marine mammal lacking external ear flaps that moves about on land by dragging its body; it is hunted for its meat, blubber and fur.

sea lion click to hear : sea lion

Amphibious marine mammal with external ear flaps that moves about on land with the help of its four limbs; it is hunted mainly for its fur.

porpoise click to hear : porpoise

Mammal found in cold and temperate waters whose flesh is highly prized; it is a protected species.

dolphin click to hear : dolphin

Mammal of warm and temperate waters famed for its intelligence; it is a swift swimmer (about 45 km/h).