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examples of carnivorous mammals click to hear : examples of carnivorous mammals

Carnivorous mammals (about 270 species) that have strong canines (fangs) and sharp molars (carnassials) adapted for eating flesh.
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lion cheetah leopard jaguar

lion click to hear : lion

Large carnivorous mammal common mainly in Africa that lives in groups called prides; only the male has a mane.

cheetah click to hear : cheetah

Carnivorous mammal of Africa and the Middle East with nonretractable claws; it is the fastest of the land mammals, reaching speeds of 100 km/h.

leopard click to hear : leopard

Carnivorous mammal of Africa and Asia with yellow fur and black spots; it mostly lives in trees and usually hunts at night.

jaguar click to hear : jaguar

Carnivorous mammal of Central and South America with spotted fur; it is an excellent swimmer and hunts at night.