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examples of carnivorous mammals click to hear : examples of carnivorous mammals

Carnivorous mammals (about 270 species) that have strong canines (fangs) and sharp molars (carnassials) adapted for eating flesh.
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stone marten mongoose marten mink weasel

stone marten click to hear : stone marten

Mostly nocturnal carnivorous mammal of Eurasia; it is a good swimmer and climber and often catches fowl, domestic rabbits and rats.

mongoose click to hear : mongoose

Very agile carnivorous mammal of Africa and Asia; it is easily tamed and is used to destroy harmful pests (snakes, rats).

marten click to hear : marten

Mostly nocturnal agile carnivorous mammal of Eurasia and North America prized for its silky fur; it is a good climber.

mink click to hear : mink

Carnivorous amphibious and mostly nocturnal mammal with webbed feet found in Eurasia and the Americas; it is hunted and raised in captivity for its highly prized fur.

weasel click to hear : weasel

Very agile carnivorous mammal common in Eurasia; it is capable of attacking large prey (rats, voles, rabbits) in spite of its size.