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cartilaginous fish click to hear : cartilaginous fish

Fish whose skeleton is made of cartilage rather than bone; its skin is covered in hard scales called denticles. There are currently 700 species.
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morphology of a shark pelvic fin anal fin first dorsal fin nostril caudal fin carina second dorsal fin gill slits tooth pectoral fin snout

morphology of a shark click to hear : morphology of a shark

Shark: large cartilaginous carnivorous fish with a tapered body and extremely powerful toothed jaws; it rarely attacks humans.

pelvic fin click to hear : pelvic fin

Swimming appendage formed of firm cartilage located on the ventral surface of the body; it helps especially in maintaining equilibrium.

anal fin click to hear : anal fin

Swimming appendage formed of firm cartilage located on the middle ventral portion of the body behind the anus; it provides stability.

first dorsal fin click to hear : first dorsal fin

Swimming appendage, also called a flipper, made of firm cartilage located midway between the head and the tail; it provides stability.

nostril click to hear : nostril

External orifice of the nasal cavity located above the mouth with a highly developed olfactory function.

caudal fin click to hear : caudal fin

Powerful swimming appendage with two lobes formed of firm cartilage located vertically at the posterior terminal part of the body; its function is propulsion.

carina click to hear : carina

Protruding median line of the posterior side portion of the body that reinforces the base of the caudal fin.

second dorsal fin click to hear : second dorsal fin

Swimming appendage formed of firm cartilage located on the middle posterior dorsal portion of the body; it provides stability.

gill slits click to hear : gill slits

Respiratory organs (five pairs) shaped like long narrows channels between the buccal cavity and the outside of the body; the shark uses them to circulate water.

tooth click to hear : tooth

Hard organ arranged in several rows along the jaws and continually renewing itself; the teeth are used to catch prey and tear it apart.

pectoral fin click to hear : pectoral fin

Swimming appendage made of firm cartilage that ensures stability, orientation, stopping and thermoregulation.

snout click to hear : snout

Pointy anterior protruding portion of the head located above the mouth and bearing the nostrils on each side.