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anatomy of a female butterfly click to hear : anatomy of a female butterfly

anatomy of a female butterfly image
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anus heart colon rectum dorsal blood vessel salivary gland opening of copulatory bursa oviduct seminal receptacle ovary Malpighian tubules intestine esophagus copulatory bursa crop

anus click to hear : anus

Terminal orifice of the digestive tract enabling ejection of fecal matter.

heart click to hear : heart

Muscular organ helping blood to circulate.

colon click to hear : colon

Portion of the intestine in front of the rectum.

rectum click to hear : rectum

Terminal part of the intestine located between the colon and the anus.

dorsal blood vessel click to hear : dorsal blood vessel

Canal through which the blood circulates; it is located on the central line of the back of the insect.

salivary gland click to hear : salivary gland

Organ located in the buccal cavity; it secretes saliva and enables especially the digestion of food.

opening of copulatory bursa click to hear : opening of copulatory bursa

Opening allowing copulation by the male butterfly and entry of sperm into the copulatory bursa.

oviduct click to hear : oviduct

Canal through which the eggs are expelled from the ovaries.

seminal receptacle click to hear : seminal receptacle

Pouch where sperm is stored for fertilizing the eggs.

ovary click to hear : ovary

Female genital gland producing the eggs.

Malpighian tubules click to hear : Malpighian tubules

Fine tubes appended to the intestine and helping in the excretion process.

intestine click to hear : intestine

Portion of the digestive tract extending from the crop to the anus.

esophagus click to hear : esophagus

Canal in the anterior part of the digestive tract; it carries food to the crop.

copulatory bursa click to hear : copulatory bursa

Pouch in which sperm accumulates before entering the seminal receptacle.

crop click to hear : crop

Large bulge at the back of the esophagus; it can dilate to receive food.