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morphology of a butterfly click to hear : morphology of a butterfly

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hind leg coxa femur claw tarsus tibia trochanter

hind leg click to hear : hind leg

Large articulated member attached to the terminal segment of the thorax and having powerful sensory organs.

coxa click to hear : coxa

Anterior segment of the leg articulating with the thorax and the trochanter.

femur click to hear : femur

Segment of the leg between the trochanter and the tibia.

claw click to hear : claw

Pointy fang-shaped structure attached to the tarsus and enabling the butterfly to cling to things and feed itself.

tarsus click to hear : tarsus

Terminal segment of the leg, divided into five parts and having two claws.

tibia click to hear : tibia

Segment of the leg between the femur and the tarsus.

trochanter click to hear : trochanter

Segment of the leg between the hip and the femur.