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skeleton of a dolphin click to hear : skeleton of a dolphin

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carpus ulna rib vestigial pelvis humerus radius metacarpus phalanges vertebra scapula skull orbit maxilla mandible

carpus click to hear : carpus

Portion of the pectoral fin formed of short bones between the radius, the ulna and the metacarpus.

ulna click to hear : ulna

Short bone of the pectoral fin between the humerus and the carpus.

rib click to hear : rib

Thin curved bone articulating with the vertebral column and the sternum.

vestigial pelvis click to hear : vestigial pelvis

Rudimentary bone resulting from the reduction of the pelvis and posterior limbs located in the muscle mass.

humerus click to hear : humerus

Short bone of the pectoral fin articulating with the scapula, the radius and the ulna.

radius click to hear : radius

Short bone of the pectoral fin between the humerus and the carpus.

metacarpus click to hear : metacarpus

Part of the pectoral fin formed of several long bones; it connects the carpus to the first phalange.

phalanges click to hear : phalanges

Fixed bones forming the skeleton of the digits.

vertebra click to hear : vertebra

Bony part of the dorsal portion of the body mainly supporting the ribs; all the vertebrae together form the vertebral column.

scapula click to hear : scapula

Large thin flat bone connected to the vertebral column and allowing the pectoral fin to move.

skull click to hear : skull

Bony structure enclosing and protecting the brain.

orbit click to hear : orbit

Bony cavity of the upper lateral potion of the head containing the eye.

maxilla click to hear : maxilla

Toothed bone comprising the upper jaw.

mandible click to hear : mandible

Toothed bone forming the lower jaw.