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morphology of a dolphin click to hear : morphology of a dolphin

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blowhole dorsal fin tail caudal fin pectoral fin eye mouth

blowhole click to hear : blowhole

Opening in the nasal cavity located on the top of the head allowing respiration.

dorsal fin click to hear : dorsal fin

Swimming appendage made of dense fibrous tissue located in the middle of the back and providing stability and thermoregulation; some marine mammals do not have a dorsal fin.

tail click to hear : tail

Terminal part of the body whose vertical movements propel the dolphin; the tail is controlled by powerful muscles inserted in the vertebral column.

caudal fin click to hear : caudal fin

Powerful swimming appendage with two lobes formed of dense fibrous tissue located vertically at the posterior terminal part of the body; its function is propulsion.

pectoral fin click to hear : pectoral fin

Swimming appendage made of bone that ensures stability, orientation, stopping and thermoregulation.

eye click to hear : eye

Organ of sight located on the side of the head adapted equally well to seeing in or out of water.

mouth click to hear : mouth

Anterior cavity of the digestive tract formed by the maxilla and the mandible allowing ingestion of food.