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beaver guinea pig rat groundhog porcupine

beaver click to hear : beaver

Amphibious rodent found in Eurasia and North America prized for its fur; it uses branches to build lodges and dams in streams.

guinea pig click to hear : guinea pig

Rodent originating in South America, sometimes domesticated but mainly used in laboratory experiments.

rat click to hear : rat

Omnivorous rodent characterized by its intelligence; it can transmit certain viruses and bacteria to humans. Some species are domesticated.

groundhog click to hear : groundhog

Rodent of the Northern hemisphere prized for its fur; it hibernates six months a year and emits a high-pitched whistle when in danger.

porcupine click to hear : porcupine

Rodent found on land and in trees in warm and temperate regions; its body is covered with long sharp quills, which it raises to defend itself.