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organ click to hear : organ

Wind instrument with several keyboards; it produces sound by means of pipes that are fed by a blower.
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reed pipe foot shallot tongue wedge block tuning wire resonator foot hole

reed pipe click to hear : reed pipe

Pipe in which sound is produced by the vibration of a tongue on the open face of a pipe.

foot click to hear : foot

Lower part of the conical pipe through which air enters; it is attached to the upperboard.

shallot click to hear : shallot

Hollow pipe with one open face, on which the tongue vibrates.

tongue click to hear : tongue

Small sheet of flexible metal that vibrates on the open face of the pipe; the amplitude of the vibrations determines the pitch of the note.

wedge click to hear : wedge

Piece of wood that attaches the tongue to the upper end of the pipe.

block click to hear : block

Movable part inserted into the foot of the pipe; its lower end holds the shallot.

tuning wire click to hear : tuning wire

Metal stem that adjusts the length of the shallot’s vibrating part to tune the pipe.

resonator click to hear : resonator

Resonant vessel that amplifies the vibrations of the shallot.

foot hole click to hear : foot hole

Opening through which air from the blower enters the pipe.