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organ click to hear : organ

Wind instrument with several keyboards; it produces sound by means of pipes that are fed by a blower.
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production of sound blower wind duct wind chest upperboard rackboard reservoir bellow wind trunk pipework

production of sound click to hear : production of sound

The sound made by the organ pipes is generated by a supply of air from an electric blower.

blower click to hear : blower

Electric fan that supplies air to the bellow.

wind duct click to hear : wind duct

Pipe connecting the blower to the bellow.

wind chest click to hear : wind chest

Essential part of the organ composed of several movable and fixed elements; air from the blower passes through it before reaching the pipes.

upperboard click to hear : upperboard

Board with holes that correspond to those of the sliders and the wind chest table; the feet of the pipes sit in these holes.

rackboard click to hear : rackboard

Board with holes into which the pipes fit to hold them in an upright position.

reservoir click to hear : reservoir

Part of the bellow in which air is stored under some pressure.

bellow click to hear : bellow

Part whose function is to compress air.

wind trunk click to hear : wind trunk

Conduit that air from the bellow passes through on its way to the bottomboard.

pipework click to hear : pipework

Collective term for the sound pipes of various shapes and sizes; there are two types: reed pipes and flue pipes.