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percussion instruments click to hear : percussion instruments

Group of instruments that are struck directly with the hands or with sticks, mallets, etc. to produce a sound.
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triangle metal rod tambourine head jingle bongos sleigh bells set of bells sistrum cymbals castanets

triangle click to hear : triangle

Instrument composed of a metal bar bent to form a triangle open at one end; the triangle is struck with a metal rod.

metal rod click to hear : metal rod

Steel rod used to strike the triangle.

tambourine click to hear : tambourine

Instrument consisting of a wooden hoop covered with a membrane and fitted with jingles; it can be struck, brushed or shaken.

head click to hear : head

Membrane struck with the palm or the thumb.

jingle click to hear : jingle

Small cymbals that knock together when the tambourine is shaken.

bongos click to hear : bongos

Instrument consisting of two small connected drums; they are usually struck with the hands.

sleigh bells click to hear : sleigh bells

Set of hollow metal pieces with a free-moving steel ball inside; they are tied to a ribbon and used as accompaniment.

set of bells click to hear : set of bells

Series of small bells attached to a ribbon and used as accompaniment.

sistrum click to hear : sistrum

Instrument consisting of a frame with crossbars and attached metal disks that knock together when the instrument is shaken.

cymbals click to hear : cymbals

Instrument consisting of two metal disks that are struck together.

castanets click to hear : castanets

Instrument composed of two shell-shaped pieces of wood held in one hand and struck together using the fingers.