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traditional musical instruments click to hear : traditional musical instruments

Collective term for the instruments, current or ancient, that characterize a culture, era or style of music.
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talking drum kora neck bridge snare head tailpiece sound box hand post tuning ring strings djembe sound box tension rope batter skin drumstick

talking drum click to hear : talking drum

Drum from West Africa that is held in the armpit when played; its hourglass shape allows the tone to be adjusted by applying arm pressure to the tension ropes.

kora click to hear : kora

Plucked string instrument used in Africa for celebrations and rituals.

neck click to hear : neck

Elongated part of the instrument over which the strings are stretched.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Piece of wood on which the strings are stretched; it transmits the strings’ vibrations to the snare head.

snare head click to hear : snare head

Soundboard made of skin.

tailpiece click to hear : tailpiece

Piece of wood to which the bottom ends of the strings are attached.

sound box click to hear : sound box

Half of a calabash covered with skin that amplifies the sound vibrations produced by the strings.

hand post click to hear : hand post

Piece of wood that the hand rests on when the instrument is played.

tuning ring click to hear : tuning ring

Each of the notches that the upper ends of the strings attach to; they are used to tune the instrument.

strings click to hear : strings

Strings made from gut, nylon or metal, usually numbering 21.

djembe click to hear : djembe

Large chalice-shaped drum used in Africa for celebrations and rituals.

sound box click to hear : sound box

Hollow cone-shaped part of the instrument that amplifies the sound vibrations produced by the hands beating on the drum.

tension rope click to hear : tension rope

Twisting ropes used to tighten the batter skin.

batter skin click to hear : batter skin

Stretched goat or antelope skin that is struck with the hands.

drumstick click to hear : drumstick

Curved stick used to strike the skin of the talking drum.