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theater click to hear : theater

Establishment built to present plays, shows, dance performances, concerts and so forth.
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stage lights stage curtain upstage opposite prompt side prompt side border

stage click to hear : stage

The area seen from the house where the artists perform.

lights click to hear : lights

Row of projectors set up above the proscenium.

stage curtain click to hear : stage curtain

Piece of fabric separating the stage from the house.

upstage click to hear : upstage

Area at the back of the stage whose set is often made to suggest distant places.

opposite prompt side click to hear : opposite prompt side

The right side of the stage, from the audience.

prompt side click to hear : prompt side

The left side of the stage, from the audience.

border click to hear : border

Horizontal strip of fabric used to hide the parts of the flies that are visible from the house.