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coats click to hear : coats

Outerwear that is fastened in front; coats are worn over other garments to protect against the cold and inclement weather.
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windbreaker drawstring waistband jacket elastic waistband hand-warmer pocket snap fastener

windbreaker click to hear : windbreaker

Jacket ending below the waist and made of leather or waterproof material.

drawstring click to hear : drawstring

Thin string that is threaded inside the waistband and adjusts the windbreaker around the hips.

waistband click to hear : waistband

Hem at the bottom of a garment that finishes it and encases the drawstring, which adjusts the garment around the hips.

jacket click to hear : jacket

Full jacket ending at the waist, where it is gathered so it puffs out; it is often made of leather or waterproof material and has cuffed sleeves.

elastic waistband click to hear : elastic waistband

Strip of elasticized fabric that fits snugly around the waist to hold the garment in place.

hand-warmer pocket click to hear : hand-warmer pocket

Pocket in the front of the garment above the waist where the hand can be tucked to protect it against the cold and to rest the arm.

snap fastener click to hear : snap fastener

Fastening mechanism made of a socket disk and a ball disk that snap shut when pressed together.