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newborn children’s clothing click to hear : newborn children’s clothing

Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.
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disposable diaper waterproof pants Velcro® closure ruffled rumba pants ruching diaper bib nylon rumba tights

disposable diaper click to hear : disposable diaper

Throwaway piece of fabric with a waterproof outer layer and usually elasticized leg holes, which allow the child to move freely.

waterproof pants click to hear : waterproof pants

Part of the diaper gathered around the top of the thighs.

Velcro® closure click to hear : Velcro® closure

Fastening system made up of two strips with surfaces that grip on contact.

ruffled rumba pants click to hear : ruffled rumba pants

Undergarment with an elasticized waist that extends to the top of the thighs; it is large enough to be worn over a diaper.

ruching click to hear : ruching

One of several narrow decorative strips of light fabric, gathered and sewn onto a garment.

diaper click to hear : diaper

Absorbent article of clothing used as briefs for babies.

bib click to hear : bib

Absorbent piece of fabric tied around a child’s neck to protect its clothes from food and saliva.

nylon rumba tights click to hear : nylon rumba tights

Long drawers with feet; they are made of stretchy or knitted fabric and have ruching at the back.