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unisex shoes click to hear : unisex shoes

Shoes worn by members of both sexes.
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hiking boot tennis shoe sandal thong sandal

hiking boot click to hear : hiking boot

Sturdy walking shoe with a thick nonskid sole; it is supported at the ankle and instep by laces threaded through hooks.

tennis shoe click to hear : tennis shoe

Flat canvas shoe with a flexible nonskid sole and a reinforced toe; the sole and toe are both made of rubber.

sandal click to hear : sandal

Flat light sport shoe with a cutout vamp that turns into a tongue; a bar passes through the tongue and fastens at the side with a buckle.

thong click to hear : thong

Sandal that is attached to the foot with nothing more than a Y-shaped strap, which passes between the first two toes.

sandal click to hear : sandal

Shoe with a flat sole that is held on the foot by thin straps and sometimes a toe-ring.